The Secret Ingredient to My Success as a UI/UX Designer


The Secret Ingredient to My Success as a UI/UX Designer

August 24, 2023

By Veloice Lim, Senior UI/UX Designer

Like most people, I had preconceived notions about what a career in UI/UX entails. I envisioned it as creating appealing visuals and interfaces for an enjoyable user experience.

When I landed a job as a UI/UX designer at 2X, a B2B-focused Marketing as a Service (MaaS) firm, I came to realize that the job scope was much broader than I anticipated.

Where Misconception Ends, Possibility Takes Flight

As expected, much of my time in the early months was focused on execution. I thought I would specialize in a specific field of design, like interaction design or information architecture.

This was another misconception about the limitations of the role: Design and execution are the core of what UI/UX designers do, but at 2X, we go much further to understand how design fits into client solutions.

As I became proficient at execution, I learned my first lesson about working at 2X: Our team employs global best practices. The state of B2B marketing for our international clients is mature, so we keep abreast of the latest approaches, innovations, and skills to ensure we are using best practices to meet client expectations.

Because each engagement is different, we continuously find ways to optimize and improve efficiency.

So, What is UI/UX at 2X?

Once I was proficient at execution, I progressed to mentoring juniors. One of the questions these juniors repeatedly asked is, “How is UI/UX at 2X different from product design?”

I wondered the same myself in the early days, so I asked a friend about product design. I was curious how different it was compared to UI/UX and what parallels I can draw between the two.

She explained that their systematic approach—from ideation to prototyping, testing, and production—appeals to her process-driven side. It can be very challenging to meet stakeholder demands but at the end of the day, the thrill of seeing the finished product is what keeps her going.

There are more similarities than I thought, yet there are nuances to each that make them distinct. Product and UI/UX designers are both:

  • Technical experts in design—but a UI/UX designer is also a multi-disciplinarian who collaborates with other marketing functions like Content, Campaigns, and MOPs.
  • Problem solvers who thrive on challenges—but in B2B marketing, UI/UX designers are trained to consider the bigger picture (how creating digital experiences that truly address user needs contributes to marketing goals and revenue).
  • At the forefront of best practices—but for UI/UX designers at 2X, this translates into data-driven designs backed by proof and consistent testing.

The short answer: In 2X, you’re not just a UI/UX designer. You’re first and foremost, a marketer.

Design Your Future—Not Just Client Solutions

Now that I have matured in my role, my day-to-day consists primarily of strategic work and problem-solving. I am part of a team of experienced, skilled marketers who work with clients to help them create marketing impact.

I get exposure to the best talents across various disciplines and clients in several industries. Along the way, I’ve learned to understand a client’s pain point—and use UI/UX design to solve it.

I’ve come a long way since my early misconceptions about UI/UX design. I now have a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of the role, which has helped me realize how growth in the right company can pave the way for a better version of you.

Your path is yours to choose. If you are ready to level up and redesign your career path, 2X could be right for you.

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