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The 2X Revenue Marketing Resource Center (MRC)

Building a revenue-generating marketing engine requires time, resources, and know-how—a luxury many B2B companies don’t have. Enter 2X. We’ve spent years developing a multi-disciplinary team of B2B marketers versed in a variety of new-age marketing skills and cutting-edge MarTech.

Our 2X COE Lab also ensures we never get comfortable, constantly creating best practices that push the envelope—so you can drive growth even in the toughest market conditions. Explore our capabilities below.

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Campaign & Demand

Gain multi-channel execution capacity and new-age marketing expertise to drive & scale next-generation digital, ABM, and demand campaigns.

  • ABM Campaign Planning Management
  • Campaign Build & Staging
  • Multi-Channel Campaign Execution
  • Campaign Optimization and Performance Analysis
  • Intent-Driven Marketing

Content & Creative

Fuel growth with high-impact creative services across content, design, UI/UX, web, and video.

  • Promotional Campaign Creative
  • Core Asset Creation & Rebranding
  • PowerPoint Beautification
  • Content Atomization
  • AI-Supported Writing
  • Video Scripting & Editing

MOps, Tech & Analysis

Get the most out of your MarTech stack and streamline day-to-day work with dedicated, certified MOps talent.

  • MarTech Optimization
  • MOps Support
  • Data Management
  • Campaign Workflows
  • Analytics Reporting & Research

Strategy & Consulting

From messaging to campaign strategy and marketing operating model design, leverage strategic, data-driven advice to give your business a competitive edge.

  • Assessments
  • Interim Leadership
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Tech Selection
  • PE Due Diligence

MarTech Management Capabilities

With a wealth of MarTech management experience under our belt, our specialists are ready to lend their expertise in:

ABX / Revenue

ABX / Revenue



Advertising / Intent

Advertising / Intent

Project Management

Project Management

Data & Reporting

Data & Reporting

2X Tech Partnerships


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Unsure About Our Approach?
Your Top 5 Questions, Answered

Having worked with clients across different industries, a MaaS partner like 2X possesses the breadth and depth of knowledge—including access to cutting-edge MarTech best practices—needed to help you stand out in the increasingly competitive world of B2B buying.

By leveraging our tried-and-true methods—developed through years of experience serving over 100 clients, some organizations like yours who may be facing the same business problems—you’ll see better ROI from your sales and marketing activities.

This model allows you to scale your marketing impact by supplementing your team with trained and certified marketers out of our delivery centers in Kuala Lumpur and Manila. Resources can be reallocated for more programs and strategic initiatives.

Internal teams are often stretched too thin and may find themselves bogged down by day-to-day execution work instead of doing higher-value work. With a MaaS team, you can free up valuable in-house resources to focus on strategic functions.

With the 12 to 16-hour time difference between your organization and an off-shore MaaS partner like 2X, clients place requests and instructions during their workday, while our team picks them up and completes them by the time your team wakes up the next morning.

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