White Paper

The Definitive Guide to Marketing as a Service (MaaS)

The constant challenge for B2B marketing leaders is to drive growth and revenue, even as budgets stagnate or shrink. As marketing tends to be the first on the chopping block when an organization’s cost-cutting measures begin, marketers need a solution to do more with less.

Instead of relying on traditional operating models, marketers need to embrace new frontiers. With tighter budgets, fewer resources, and more accountability for every marketing dollar spent, change has never been more necessary.

The solution? Marketing as a service (MaaS), a transformative, data-driven approach that enables organizations to achieve greater impact at lower cost. In this 56-page ebook, we outline everything you need to know about MaaS, including:

  • Key features of MaaS and its advantages over the status quo
  • How MaaS allows organizations to evolve their marketing sophistication quickly and efficiently
  • How to break free from the marketing misalignment cycle that most organizations get caught in
  • Best practices on critical B2B marketing strategies to help you get successful with MaaS
  • Self-assessment questionnaires, CMO insights, and real-world results achieved by early adopters