What is B2B Marketing as a Service?

MaaS brings the concept of Managed Services—which has been used by a host of functions including IT, HR, Finance, and Accounting for years—to marketing, where execution and operational tasks are outsourced offshore to extend the capacity of your workforce, while internal staff focus on more strategic and high-value work. Discover how 2X, the world’s first B2B marketing-as-a-service firm, has helped B2B companies bridge the talent gap, realize the full power of their MarTech stack, and ultimately, drive revenue.

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The Problem: A Lack of Skilled Talent

The talent crisis has made hiring and retaining skilled B2B marketers harder than ever today. And without skilled talent, disjointed and underutilized MarTech stacks have been steadily on the rise, according to sources such as Gartner and 6sense.

marketing leaders report
42% of marketing leaders report underutilization of their MarTech stack, down from 58% in 2020
marketing strategies
58% say they lack the in-house capabilities needed to fully execute their marketing strategies
qualified professionals
For every new-age marketing role, there are only 2.5 qualified professionals for every 1 open position

The Solution: MaaS

Bring in new-age skills with a transformed operating model.

Gartner’s “Recession Playbook for Marketing Leaders” called out the need to “fundamentally rethink” the operating model, particularly around how an enterprise leverages talent and labor, whether in-house, outsourced, part-time, or full-time employees (FTEs). Organizations that are using marketing as a service (MaaS), shared services, and outsourcing as part of their operating model transformation have reported success.

achieved standardization and efficiency of processes by investing in a shared services model.
reduced costs while doing so.

Maximize MarTech ROI with 2X Talent

With MaaS, get an access lane to a readily available, skilled, and certified workforce of marketing technologists.

average labor cost savings
2-3x FTEs
same cost of 1 internal hire
average effective hourly rate
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