2X Named Top-Tier 6sense Partner; Fills B2B MarTech Talent Gap


2X Named Top-Tier 6sense Partner; Fills B2B MarTech Talent Gap

October 21, 2022

By 2X

Traditional B2B marketing strategy—relying on email opens, website form fills, and downloads to gauge buyer intent—is due for an upgrade. Only a meager 3% of website visitors fill out forms , which means a lot of missed opportunities in the remaining 97%.

The 6sense Revenue AI™ platform eliminates guesswork and arms revenue teams with the data and visibility, shining a light on the dark funnel, or the hidden intent data that has eluded many B2B marketers. This can range from the competitor websites prospective buyers have visited, articles they’ve read, and which social media posts or product reviews they’ve reacted to—without a single form fill in sight.

“In the red ocean of MarTech, we believe 6sense is the most impactful solution that a B2B marketer can deploy for driving higher sales and marketing performance,” said 2X CEO Domenic Colasante.

To that end, 2X is proud to announce its status as a 6sense Tier 1 Service Partner—the highest level of partnership—ensuring 2X clients unparalleled access to the platform’s full suite of capabilities and a pool of 2X marketing technologists certified by 6sense.

“Services partners are a key component of the 6sense Revenue AI Ecosystem,” said Elliot Smith, Head of Partnerships at 6sense. “As revenue teams are forced to operate in an increasingly complex tech environment, many struggle to build internal teams with evolving business needs and talent shortages. They are often looking to companies like 2X to augment their capabilities and remain competitive.

2X has committed to the success of 6sense customers, working with us to pioneer 6sense partner certification and now has an army of proven experts to help customers maximize results and realize return on their investment. We are thrilled to recognize 2X as a top-tier services partner in the 6sense Revenue AI Ecosystem.”

Addressing the MarTech Talent Shortage

There is no question that 6sense can provide more visibility into the buyer’s journey than ever before and has the potential to completely transform the impact marketing has on the business. But to leverage full functionality of any MarTech tool requires a skilled talent pool to wield it—and unfortunately, supply isn’t catching up fast enough to meet the rising demand.

A recent study 2X conducted with 6sense found an average of only 2.5 qualified professionals adept in new-age marketing for every one job opening on LinkedIn—far fewer compared to qualified professionals with mature marketing skills like demand generation and email marketing, which saw seven qualified professionals for every one job opening.

That talent shortage is where many marketing leaders struggle, and the desire to close that gap was a major driver in 2X’s decision to partner with 6sense, along with the belief that intent data is a fundamental pillar of new-age marketing.

2X already boasts a robust team of 6sense-certified marketing technologists and is working to expand its talent pool to include hundreds of experts in the future who not only possess a deep understanding of 6sense, but also have amassed a wealth of experience achieving real-world client objectives with it, be it gaining greater granularity on an account, determining the right channels to deliver content to, or evolving how marketing activates accounts.

Digital Campaign Specialist Wan Azizan was among the first at 2X to earn a 6sense certification. “As B2B intent data is constantly changing, a highly skilled 6sense marketing technologist is crucial to help convert that data into actionable insights and look for ways to optimize campaigns accordingly,” he says.

A New Operating Model for MarTech Management

As CMOs are repeatedly told to do more with less, transforming the operating model is key to helping companies fulfill their growth agendas.

Marketing leaders are moving away from assembling their own in-house marketing teams, as hiring and retaining talent has become increasingly difficult and costly. Instead, many are outsourcing their execution functions, particularly MarTech management, to an offshore firm like 2X.

Backed by a highly qualified 2X team, CMOs gain access to a dedicated team of certified marketing technologists who have a deep knowledge of cutting-edge MarTech tools and know how to apply them—at a fraction of the cost of an in-house hire—meaning B2B organizations can truly unlock the power and ROI of their MarTech investments.

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