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What is 2X?

2X is a B2B focused Marketing as a Service firm that enables marketing to operate with greater impact and at significantly lower cost.

2X enables clients to activate different marketing functions with speed through an outsourced model. This includes strategizing, planning, and executing programs for demand generation. We provide expertise in data and lead management, as well as advising and administering of marketing technologies. We also provide sales acceleration and enablement programs. In a nutshell, we help build, execute, and optimize our clients’ revenue engine.


What is B2B marketing and how does it differ from B2C?

The biggest difference between B2B (business-to-business) marketing and B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing is the level of personalization and targeting.

B2C marketing in general is mass marketing, while in B2B marketing, the target audience is smaller and at times, the targeting is niche. There may be instances in B2B marketing where we only focus on the top tiers, which are the C-level executives and vice presidents.

Due to this specificity, there is a stronger emphasis on messaging and positioning. We pay close attention to the overall look, feel and quality of our assets, and there is high focus in segmentation analysis. In general, the level of personalization that takes place for B2B marketing tends to be up a level.


What do you guys do?

We provide end-to-end marketing expertise, from strategy to execution, for companies in the B2B technology and professional services industry. Examples of what we do include marketing transformation and strategy, marketing analytics, research, demand and lead generation, and website management, amongst other things.

Essentially, we handle the heavy lifting, so that our clients can focus on the core of what they are good at, be it software development or management consulting. In a nutshell, we turn on and optimize a new kind of marketing.


Do I need to have experience in the B2B industry to join 2X?

Not necessarily, although having B2B experience is a plus. 2X is a very learning-oriented organization, and we have strong processes and standards that allow us to ramp people up fast. Some of our top performers come from vastly different backgrounds such as management consultancy, sales and B2C marketing. If you are adaptive and love to learn, you will gain from the learning curve and be able to start contributing very soon. What matters most is a positive attitude.


What is the work culture like at 2X?

We are a learning-oriented, outcome-driven, tech-savvy organization, and we place a heavy emphasis on work-life balance and a fun working environment. There are no hierarchies here and everyone is treated equally and respectfully. Our collaborative nature enables us to quickly share best practices among teams and recommend new, innovative ideas to our clients.


What are some of the challenges at 2X?

It varies for individuals. For some, it may be transitioning from a hierarchical organization structure to one that is flat. There is a high degree of freedom and autonomy at 2X, which can be a challenge for some employees to get used to.

We respect and treat you as thinking adults. You are given objectives to work on and we expect you to ask questions whenever you don’t understand or need help with something. Keeping quiet because you don’t want to sound silly is what we term self-sabotaging behavior.

As a company, we are outcomes focused. We move fast. You are measured by the impact of your work, and since we foster a learning environment, you can expect to get help and guidance from everyone, be it your seniors or your juniors. The ability to be adaptive and open-minded about learning will indeed take you far.