The CMO Cheat Sheet: How to Create More Impact with Fewer Resources

Marketing budgets fell from 9.5% of total company revenue in 2022 to 9.1% in 2023, according to Gartner. So much so, the same study reported that over 70% of CMOs believe they do not have the necessary funds to fully execute their marketing strategies.

Yet marketers are under more pressure than ever to increase marketing’s impact and drive revenue.

At 2X, we call this the Marketing Resource Paradox, where a lack of resources results in low-impact marketing, and in turn results in even fewer resources, and so on.

Read the infographic and discover our unique approach that has helped B2B companies succeed in today’s do-more-with-less environment by:

  • Supplementing your in-house team with world-class talent adept at MarTech management, campaign build, content production, and more
  • Maximizing the ROI on your MarTech investments with years of experience leveraging MarTech tools to produce business outcomes
  • Giving your business an edge by partnering with an early adopter of new-age marketing strategies such as intent-driven marketing and AI
  • Stretching your budget further thanks to our offshore delivery model