Founding 2X, The Marketing as a Service Firm

January 23, 2019
By 2X

When I am asked why we built 2X, the answer is simple: to give marketing leaders a lifeline for transformation. Marketing is undergoing radical change and marketing leaders need a different path forward. In even the most successful marketing departments, there is never enough budget, time, resources, or skills to deliver on the business’ insatiable appetite for growth. In addition, we are witnessing a coming of age for a new wave of marketing technologies that enable us to do what marketers have wanted to do – to modernize the way we interact with our customers, to automate our workflows, to elevate the customer experience in highly personal ways, and above all, to understand what data that our customers give us every day truly means.

Unfortunately, marketing departments have even less capacity and budget to reinvent themselves. Instead, our annual plans and attention are primarily focused on fueling the demand machine. We have been obsessed with maintaining this engine, and therefore end up making only incremental improvements to the status quo.

What if there was a way to free up half of your marketing “Run” budget, without compromising the consistency and predictability of the marketing engine that exists? Would this be enough to fund the investments you know you need to make?

This is where 2X comes in. 2X provides clients with a team of marketers to protect and maintain your Run activity while also providing resources to accelerate your transformation agenda.

We do this via our Marketing as a Service model that offers experienced, world-class marketers from our delivery center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KL). Our marketers are comparable to top-talent marketers from the US, but at KL rates that are generally 50% less than US counterparts. These cost elements enable a completely different marketing operating model and enable you to significantly drop the cost of new customer acquisition.

2X’s marketers can build rapport and engage with US marketers quickly because we have an intimate understanding of B2B marketing best practices. While some elements of marketing such as Creative are certainly unique across companies, the vast majority of marketing “Run” processes do not (and should not) vary from company to company. Instead, they are based on well-tested best practices that ensure that every aspect of a marketing department can run with efficiency, automation, and standardization.

Our entire company, from the selection of our leadership team, to our recruiting and testing procedures, to our talent management and training programs are focused on providing our clients with experienced marketers that live and breathe B2B marketing excellence. Our biggest investments are in our people, and these people have a proven ability to take marketing to new heights.

The initial traction of 2X is encouraging. In our first year of operations, we have won 15 clients – all leaders in their respective B2B tech sectors, including some of the largest and most admired software and services companies in the world.

In 2018, we added nearly 100 new employees. In 2019, we will be hiring an additional 200 marketers and will scale to 1,000 marketers within 5 years.

On the recruiting side, our doors are open to smart, curious, entrepreneurial, creative, and analytical marketing professionals. On the client side, we want to work with marketing leaders who value new ideas and want to be industry leaders. We will have a lot in common!

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