The CFO’s Introduction to Leveraging Marketing as a Service (MaaS) for Revenue Growth


The CFO’s Introduction to Leveraging Marketing as a Service (MaaS) for Revenue Growth

November 14, 2023

By Brandon Sullivan, Chief Financial Officer

78% of global B2B professionals continue to spotlight revenue growth, according to Forrester

But when revenue headwinds pick up, expense management becomes critical—and marketing budgets become an easy target. 

The tradeoff, however, to cost-cutting measures like minimizing media spend and reducing marketing headcount, is working with razor-thin resources that make revenue impact an impossible feat. 

Cue marketing as a service (MaaS). MaaS is a new full-scope managed services delivery model that cuts execution-level run costs, adapts to volatile capacity requirements, and drives consistent marketing impact.  

Here are three major financial and operational benefits of choosing a MaaS model and how they can transform marketing costs into revenue growth. 

1. Create a positive and immediate impact on your P&L

The MaaS model enables a reimagined operating model that allows you to scale your marketing in a cost-effective way, primarily through the ability to: 

  • Leverage an offshore delivery center in Kuala Lumpur for equivalent onshore output at reduced labor costs 
  • Ensure rapid improvement to your EBITDA analysis with adjustable restructuring 
  • Translate marketing jargon and metrics into clear Board reporting with programs designed to measure ROI and produce continuous revenue impact 

2. Scale up or down with an always-on global operating model 

MaaS shared services can be customized to your needs as and when you need them, enabling you to:  

  • Avoid full-time hire-and-cut decisions, preserving morale and organizational cohesion 
  • Scale up and down to match changing marketing needs in real time with adaptable capacity and output  
  • Offload operational run tasks to specialists, freeing your internal workforce to focus on core and strategic work 

3. Drive growth with a revenue-generating marketing engine

End-to-end marketing services, a full suite of MarTech tools, and time-tested workflows help deliver greater long-term revenue impact: 

  • Make the most of your MarTech by leveraging agency partnerships with providers like 6sense, Adobe Marketo Engage, Bombora, Salesforce, Drift, HubSpot and more
  • Ensure consistent results with a pool of 600+ certified B2B marketing experts, with specializations from data and analytics to content creation 
  • Drive operational efficiency with best practices and workflows honed by over 100+ successful client engagements

Proof of Impact

2X client engagements have consistently lowered costs and produced long-term revenue growth. Here are a few of our case studies:    

  • Brightcove 55.6% reduction in cost per account engaged ($8.04 to $3.57) on the same budget 
  • SAP Achieved 67% labor cost savings and delivered $1:112 ROI on program investment to pipeline value  
  • Sandler Saw a 30% increase in marketing-influenced pipeline, and over 80 deals accelerated
  • Spirion Reduced labor costs by 44% and created $4.45M in new pipeline value in one quarter 

Best-in-Class MaaS Services with 2X

Our Revenue Marketing Resource Center (MRC) powers marketing for high-growth companies, with service quality underpinned by the 2X Center of Excellence (COE) Lab—an incubator that stress-tests modern technology with execution-level best practices. Our end-to-end engine of managed services includes:

1. Strategy & Consulting

From messaging to campaign strategy and marketing operating model design, get strategic, data-driven advice to give your business a competitive edge. Our services include providing assessments, marketing and brand strategy, and advice for MarTech selection, just to name a few. 

2. MOps, Tech & Analytics

Get the most out of your MarTech stack and streamline day-to-day work with dedicated, certified MOps talent. Our MOps professionals excel in MarTech management, streamlining workflows and processes, managing databases, generating actionable reports, and seamlessly integrating your suite of MarTech tools.

3. Campaigns & Demand 

Gain multi-channel execution capacity and new-age marketing expertise to drive and scale next-generation digital, ABM, and demand campaigns. 2X’s expertise also includes advertising and media management, web experience optimization, and SEO.  

4. Content & Creative

Fuel growth with high-impact creative services such as content creation, graphic design, UI/UX, web development, video generation, and more.

Get More Mileage Out of Your Marketing Budget with 2X

As revenue headwinds continue to blow, the marketing function is now more important than ever to help companies generate revenue. Instead of slashing marketing budgets altogether, CFOs must look for a viable way to increase marketing’s impact but at a fraction of the cost. 

Transforming your marketing operating model with MaaS translates positively to your bottom line. 2X’s unique approach to B2B marketing introduces opportunities for long-term revenue impact and execution efficiency—driving growth even in the most challenging market conditions.

Learn more about our services and how we can help you transform marketing costs into revenue growth. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Brandon Sullivan

Brandon Sullivan

Brandon Sullivan is 2X’s Chief Financial Officer, leading the firm's financial strategy with a concentration on enterprise growth and operational excellence. As CFO, Brandon manages global financial operations and steers the fiscal performance of the business through data-driven decisions, sound financial modeling, and business partnership. Focusing on both short-term execution and long-term vision, Brandon serves as a key strategic advisor to the organization, providing guidance on financial planning, risk management, business performance and capital allocation.