How to Deliver More Marketo Value with Marketing as a Service


How to Deliver More Marketo Value with Marketing as a Service

May 4, 2023

By 2X

A powerful marketing automation platform like Adobe’s Marketo Engage is mission critical for marketing organizations that use it, but it also requires skilled talent to set it up and keep it running optimally.

Skilled talent, however, is in short supply—and comes at a high price. “It’s hard to hire; it’s hard to train; it’s hard to keep people from burning out,” concludes a report by marketing ops training platform Highway Education.

Marketo presents a big challenge for marketing leaders who are tasked with improving cost efficiency and revenue impact. Some B2B marketing organizations shoulder the burden of recruiting and training in-house hires, but always run the risk of losing talent to a better offer. Hiring a consultancy can help, but is unsustainable in the long run, and often results in a set-and-forget strategy that prevents you from reaching the highest level of marketing impact that could be possible.

Fortunately, there’s a third option that has gained traction in recent years: marketing as a service (MaaS).

A MaaS managed services function involves outsourcing services to a dedicated team in charge of execution. The economic advantages of this offshore model can reduce labor costs by 50%, making it easier for you to focus on higher-impact strategies to get the most out of your MarTech stack.

And that’s just the start. Here are nine more ways MaaS helps you deliver more Marketo value:

  • Dedicated marketing team members

    • Employ full-time, integrated team members to focus on execution and reporting, freeing up your time to think more strategically about what to prioritize and improve
  • Scalable resourcing capacity for growth

    • Be able to bring rapidly scalable capacity to support a higher volume of email and operational optimization output
  • Continuous campaign improvement and optimization

    • Get execution bandwidth to constantly build, iterate, and improve with A/B testing methodology
  • Faster turnaround on campaign execution

    • Execute faster build iterations with consolidated resources for creatives, operations, and campaigns within one team; and improve speed-to-launch with a team that utilizes best practices
  • A roadmap to get functional areas from Good to Great

    • Align with stakeholders on improvements to ops processes with a planned roadmap
  • Improved marketing knowledge transfer

    • Learn from best practices shared by MaaS team members and create more structure and standardization around Marketo execution
  • A guided and structured intake process

    • Provide stakeholders a clear, concierge-guided experience for campaign requests
  • Better audience experience with segmented database management

    • Do more accurate targeting—leading to more engagement—with audience and database segmentation management
  • Robust documentation of processes for continuity

    • Enable seamless transitions for various stakeholders to use or understand the workflow in the service desk

More Advantages with 2X Managed Services for Marketo

At 2X, our marketing operations team members hold certifications across multiple MarTech tools and platforms, so in addition to more resourcing stability on Marketo, you’re able to adapt staffing needs to your ever-evolving MarTech stack.

For more information on how 2X’s Marketo Service Desk can increase the cost efficiency and marketing impact of Marketo, visit