The 3 Types of Freedom That You Truly Can Enjoy at 2X


The 3 Types of Freedom That You Truly Can Enjoy at 2X

August 5, 2021

By Michael Kesuma, Client Success Director

When I first interviewed for my role as a PPC Strategist in 2X, I told Managing Director Yong Siew Mee that I wanted a position that doesn’t have an overly specific job scope with a routine that I would need to stick to daily.

What I wanted was freedom—a bigger field to play in that would sate my hunger for knowledge. Her answer: “2X is the perfect place for you.”

Fast forward a little over a year and two promotions later to a Client Success Director, I can’t help but agree.

Not every company can give you this level of freedom, and while I was realistic about it from the get-go, I believe my progress in 2X is the result of having the freedom to gain experience beyond my typical job scope. From managing advertising campaigns to managing multiple clients and teams, it might’ve even been faster than I could ever imagine or hope for. Part of that was because I worked with a highly capable team that supported me throughout my journey. Even now, ‘freedom’ remains the key factor of my success, both in 2X and my personal life.

Freedom #1: The Ability to Manage Projects My Way

In my first year, I was given two clients to work on. One of them was a new client that came on board for a few months to try out what we call a ‘pilot’ program. It’s a short contract for new clients to try out 2X’s Marketing as a Service before deciding to come on board on a full year retainer.

The general consensus was this client wasn’t likely to convert to monthly recurring revenue, but I thought otherwise. You could say I was being extremely idealistic—or a perfectionist. After all, it was the first client that I was managing on my own. I knew I had done everything in my ability—from kickstarting a demand generation campaign for the client to building trust and a good rapport with the stakeholders—and I had the results to show for it. In the end, we won the client over.

This gave the senior leadership team even more confidence to let me run the show by myself. This was precisely the freedom I wanted—to be able to set the strategy for campaigns, and if things don’t work out, then it’s on me to turn things around.

Freedom #2: Learning From Other Teams Anytime I Need

One of the “benefits” I gained after my promotion to Client Success Director was the freedom to learn more about client teams that I wasn’t directly involved in. As a naturally curious person, I’m eager to learn new things, and I immediately joined as many internal meetings as my schedule allowed.

I listened, questioned, compared, and dug around—more importantly, I learned. And all the other teams have been very welcoming, they don’t see it as an intrusion but rather an opportunity to collaborate and share best practices.

Now, some may think of this as a burden, after all it does feel like signing up for more work. But I felt like I hit the jackpot—it’s essentially getting a free pass to learn what has been working and what has not for all the marketing programs we run at 2X. To me, that freedom is a privilege.

Freedom #3: Work-Life Flexibility—Because It’s About the Outcome, Not the Hours

One of the best things about 2X is the flexible working hours. Now that we’re working from home, I can take a longer lunch to spend time with my children. It helps that our clients are based in the States, so I can arrange my meetings and schedule for the later half of the day to coincide with their timezone.

Of course, there are bound to be busy days when you have to work extra hours, but ultimately it boils down to how you manage your time and fulfill your deadlines. If you can juggle that well, you will definitely have time for yourself and your family.

Why Work at 2X?

When I joined 2X, it was right when the COVID-19 lockdown first started and we were just getting used to the idea of working from home. It can be very difficult to forge good working relationships, especially without that face-to-face connection. Thankfully, 2X made this transition easy. On my first day, I had the chance to introduce myself and meet everyone in a company-wide virtual tea break. I felt more included and was able to break the ice by cracking a few jokes and sharing my experiences.

I really appreciate that my Client Success Director back then, Jacqueline Khaw, made the effort to welcome and support me throughout my early days at 2X. We had regular check-ins and she was there whenever I needed to bounce off an idea or have a quick discussion. When I finally met her and the team in-person three months later, there was no awkwardness. Something Jacq said to me in our first call stuck with me until now: “How is it that when I talk to you, it’s like I’m talking to an old friend?” That’s what many people at 2X are really like, down-to-earth and authentic that even work interactions feel naturally productive.

Finally, what would I say to someone who’s interested to work in 2X? If you believe you’re good at what you do but need that extra challenge to raise yourself to the next level, join 2X. Plus points if you’re adaptable too.

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